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A ZIMPOST licencing officer who allegedly swindled his employer of $123,000 has been charged with 753 counts of fraud.

Simbarashe Kapuya, 30, of Westgate denies the charges and was last week remanded to 27 May by Harare magistrate Sandra Mupindu.

Prosecutors say Kapuya’s duties included vehicle licensing for which he would receive cash from clients.

It is the state’s case that during from February 2014 to April 2014 and on 753 different occasions, the accused undercharged motor vehicles which owed ZINARA a total of $144 442 in license fees arrears.

He only charged $20,600 through manipulation of the vehicle licensing system called Change of Plates which is done when a vehicle changes number plates either as a result of ownership or replacement.

On June 17 2014, ZINARA carried out an audit on transactions done by Kapuya and discovered that arrears and penalties of vehicles already in the system were transferred to appear as new entries.

As a result the accused would inherit the arrears belonging to ZINARA. Kapuya would then reintroduce the original motor vehicles into the system thus appearing as new vehicles without arrears and undercharge them.

According to the state, investigations carried out by Central Vehicle Registry, all registration plates and other vehicle information created by Kapuya do not appear in their data base.

As a result Zimpost suffered an actual prejudice of $123,842 and nothing was recovered.

Ressie Nyamombe prosecuted.

Source : New Zimbabwe