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Zimbabwe Music Rights Association chairperson Albert Nyathi will be the guest of honour at the ZimTalent Hunt song writing seminar scheduled for tomorrow at the Park View Restaurant in Harare Gardens.

Nyathi together with the director of National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Elvas Mari and other officials from the School of Music are expected to address artiste on how to compose, sing, produce and teach music.

ZimTalent Hunt director Shephered Munyawiri said all artistes are invited.

“The seminar is open to all musicians, music teachers, producers, music promoters, radio and video jockeys and anyone interested. The workshop will be held under the theme “Lyrical Excellence” and we aim to offer Zimbabwean music lovers an opportunity to better their lyrics and song content,” he said.

Munyawiri said the seminar is an immediate response to the public’s call on improving lyrical content in the 2015 ZimTalent participants.

“We are hoping to address concerns raised by the listening public with regards to poor lyrical content in our local music. The public’s main concerns are that either local lyrics are shallow or unfit for public listenership,” he said.

He said the seminar is going to equip those in attendance with skills that will improve local content and provide an exciting competition.

“This seminar will hopefully raise the awareness needed in the song writing fraternity for meaningful and responsible lyrics. We want to have an exciting hunt this year that at the end we have artistes who can write, sing, produce and teach better music in our country,” he said.

The seminar is expected to start at 9am and end around midday, those who wish to attend will be required to pay $2 and they will get a ZimTalent Hunt T-shirt for free.

Source : The Herald