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ZimTrade, in collaboration with the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, is co-ordinating the participation of local companies at the Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show (ZACS) to be held in Lusaka from 29 July to 3 August.

The Show will be held under the theme, “Innovation beyond the Golden Jubilee”, in recognition of Zambia’s celebrations of 50 years of independence last year.

ZimTrade will also undertake a research of the Zambian market during the second half of the year to establish the export potential of Zimbabwean products and services.

“Trade between Zimbabwe and Zambia is governed by the COMESA and SADC Trade Agreements, which offer preferential treatment of qualifying products into each others market” said Zimtrade in a statement.

“Zambia is the fourth largest export destination for Zimbabwean products accounting for 3,3 and 3,4 percent of total exports in 2013 and 2014 respectively.”

ZimTrade chief executive Ms Pilime said the group will continue to deliver tailor-made trade development and promotional initiatives and interventions to complement Government’s efforts.

“There is a need to improve our trade performance, particularly through the export of value added products, cannot be overemphasised given the glaring trade deficit of $3,3 billion as at December 31 2014,” she said.

ZimTrade also introduced an e-based marketing platform, Zimbabwe-European Business Information Centre (Zim-EBIC), that has been installed at Harare and Bulawayo offices.

“The facility aims at increasing the capacity of Zimbabwean companies to establish mutually beneficial business linkages with their European counterparts so we urge companies to fully utilize this platform in their quest to tap into the European Market” she said.

The ongoing implementation of the economic policy blue print, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim-Asset) 2013-2018, will spur current focus of developing and promoting valued added manufactures.

ZimTrade facilitates the marketing of Zimbabwean products and services to the global market and also facilitates the participation of local companies in promotional events such as the ZACS.

Source : The Herald