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Zim dancehall star Winky D makes a welcome return to Zimunhu Bar in Overspill, Epworth this Saturday for a potentially explosive show that features other heavy hitters in the likes of Kinnah, Ricky Fire and Terminator. This would be Winky D’s second show at Zimunhu Bar, where he left scores of fans clamouring for more. It is hardly surprising that he is back at the hangout by public demand.

According to Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda, Winky D is expected to showcase the all new set on stage.

Banda said they first introduced the new act and set in Bulawayo and the response has been overwhelming.

The show will also be graced by Judgment Yard’s finest Etherton Beenie and DJ Flevah, both of whom are Winky D’s friends.

Born Wallace Chirimuko, Winky D has achieved a lot ever since he hit the spotlight.

Backed by the Vigilance Band, Winky D, who is known by several stage names such as the “Ninja president” and “Biggie”, will be performing at the hangout where he left the crowd clamouring for more

It was back in 2002 when Winky D broke out as a DJ from Darkchild Sound System where he partnered selector Garry B.

Two years later, Winky D aka Bigiman as a solo performer then unleashed his first track titled “Ndiri Rasta” on Bonslag-produced riddim called Luckspin.

Besides Winky D, there is also Kinnah who is touted as the next big thing to happen after Tocky Vibes. Possessing both talent and lyrical content, Kinnah is loved by many for his humility. He has no time to beef with other artistes and his focus is on delivery on stage.

Those who have seen Kinnah on stage will attest that he is a talented performer and a lyrical master. Like most Zim dancehall acts, he is now using a live band.

Another fiery performer is Ricky Fire aka the Fire president. Ricky Fire has stood the test of time and one of the top chanters. His presence at the show will no doubt add colour and energy to what may already have been a thrilling line-up.

His chart topper “Kumba Kunouya Kuno”, a traditional folklore song which he made his own through well thought out lyrics. The tune is nice, easy to follow and danceable.

Last but not least is Terminator of the “Usaramba uchindijairira” fame will rock the stage with his high energy performance.

Terminator likens himself to a human machine where one half is made of steel and another is just flesh. He says he is immune to “disses” from other artistes. Given such a line up, there is no doubt fans will have a great time at the show.

Source : The Herald