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Some bulk water suppliers in Harare are still abstracting water in residential areas for sale as they claim it is cheaper than collecting it at designated points as required by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority. They claimed that collecting water from outside Harare was expensive. Zinwa designated new water abstraction points namely Dema, Juru, Nyabira, Domboshava, Gwebi and Parirehwa effective October last year due to over abstraction, which the water authority said was now affecting the water table.

A bulk water supplier who spoke on condition of anonymity yesterday, however, said: “There are sites in Harare that have been registered with Zinwa and others that are not operating and some water suppliers still fetch water at those sites.

“For a site to be registered, they are required to go through tests to ensure that they provide quality products as all people have the right to quality water.”

Another water dealer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said water abstracted in Harare was being sold at $110 to $120 per 10 000 litres and from that, $30 was Zinwa levy.

Zinwa’s corporate communications and marketing manager, Mrs Marjorie Munyongwa, said those in violation will attract the necessary sanctions.

Source : The Herald