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Four Zimbabwe National Army senior officers were conferred with United Nations medals for participating in the United Nations Syria Mission.

The four senior officers conferred with the UN medals were Lieutenant Colonels Shadreck Vezha, Chadokweedza Gota, Hamilton Ndhlovu and Douglas Gwite.

The Chief of Staff Administration Staff, Major General Trust Mugoba conferred the four with their medals at a ceremony held at Army Headquarters in Harare on September 3, 2013.

The senior officers were awarded the medals after participating as military observers in the United Nations Syria Mission. Speaking at the occasion, Maj Gen Mugoba commended the senior officers for executing their duties with diligence during their peacekeeping mission in Syria.

“The senior officers managed to partake their duties in line with the UN mandate during their short stint on deployment. This was demonstrated by the appointment of one of them, Lt Col Hamilton Ndlovu, as the Communications and Training Officer of the Holmes Team site. He was as well appointed group leader of six men upon the withdrawal of the UN observers from Syria. The Zimbabwean officers were among the last group to be withdrawn from Syria, an indication that their services were required to the last day of the mission,” he said.

He also highlighted how the senior officers managed to discharge their duties despite the many challenges.

“The UN Syria Mission is taken as one of the UN Peacekeeping Missions that was done under dangerous conditions. The military observers always expected to come under attack during their patrols. At one occasion, the senior officers were fired at by the rebels while they were in the company of the Force Commander but there were no casualties,” he said.

The awarding of these medals was done after a thorough consideration in recognition of their invaluable service during their deployment in UN Syria Mission and the crowning achievement of the four senior officers is among the greatest awards ever achieved by the ZNA officers on international deployment.

Source : The Herald