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The Zimbabwe National Army will offer degree programmes to people undergoing military training with effect from 2016, Army Commander Lieutenant-General Phillip Valerio Sibanda has said.

Lt-Gen Sibanda said this in a paper presented on Wednesday on the ZNA’s vision for the future to students at the National Defence College.

The degree programmes will likely be offered in collaboration with Midlands State University to which the Zimbabwe Military Academy is already affiliated.

“In fact, you may want to know that the army is working on introducing a degree programme for all officer cadets from 2016 covering the arts and sciences,” he said.

“It is a norm that manpower development programmes should follow a well-developed path for both officers and men in order to cement human resources knowledge.

The ZNA should continue developing synergies with outside organisations, especially in the technical field.” Lt-Gen Sibanda said the army would continue to develop its manpower base.

“As a matter of policy, all officers holding key positions should have done relevant courses, in other words round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes,” he said.

“It is my desire to have an army with a solid and versatile leadership. Without sound leadership, the organisation is doomed. Leaders at all levels must have an understanding of the organisation they serve, a good understanding of the social, economic and political environment around them and a fair understanding of regional and world affairs.”

He bemoaned low funding which has seen the army failing to maintain its infrastructure.

“The result has been that, despite having the best workshops in the country, the army has had to rely on subcontracting to have its vehicle fleet and technical equipment maintained.”

Source : The Herald