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Police have been deployed countrywide to ensure the Easter and Independence holidays are not spoiled by road carnage and crime. Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba and other senior officers on Wednesday conducted awareness campaigns in the city in preparation for holidays which start today.

They were moving around the streets of Harare in groups and arresting traffic offenders.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the police would arrest anyone found on the wrong side of the law.

She said they would have many roadblocks and urged motorists to cooperate with police.

“As police, we also want to make it clear that the roadblocks are not targeted at public service motor vehicles alone as alleged in some circles,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

“While police would be checking for various trafficking offences, the roadblocks also assist in targeting stolen motor vehicles, criminals, cattle rustlers, drugs and mineral trafficking, among others.”

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the force was aware that some unscrupulous public transport operators would want to take aantage of the holidays to raise fares.

She urged passengers who would have fallen victim to report to officers at any roadblocks.

“The ZRP has set up Anti-Corruption teams and police commanders would be out supervising members deployed at the roadblocks in order to stamp out corruption,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

She warned motorists to desist from attempting to bribe police officers and abide by the law.

Officer commanding Harare province Senior Assistant Commissioner Clemence Munoriarwa urged motorists in a statement to respect the sanctity of human life and not to turn the roads into death traps through reckless and negligent driving.

“Police officers would be out in full force to ensure that all motorists drive carefully and exercise extreme caution on the roads during Independence and Easter Holidays,” he said.

He urged the public not to leave their homes unattended when going on holiday as criminals might take aantage.

Source : The Herald