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Zim dancehall clan Zvidhakwa tomorrow meet at City Sports Bar for the launch of a new album from their member Kennedy Simbanegavi, popularly known in the music circles as Yoz. The 16-track album is titled “Zvidhakwa” and Shinsoman will be the guest artiste. Yoz said he was excited that he will be launching his first album as a solo artiste.

“I am going to introduce myself as a solo artiste for the first time since many people know me as Shinso’s sidekick for the past years,” he said.

He also said that launching his own project will not mean that he is parting ways with Zvidhakwa clan which he co-heads with Shisoman.

“Zvidhakwa clan is there to stay and has been recruiting a number of upcoming Zim dancehall artistes,” he said.

Some of the songs on the album include “Chidhakwa Chinorwadziwawo”, “Haka”, “Ndanonoka” and “Usandisekese” among others.

He said he has added the song “Hatibatike” a diss track directed to Seh Calaz whom he accused of believing in violence after he was allegedly attacked by some of Calaz’s bouncers at last week’s Zim dancehall Awards.

“I have bruises all over my body after I was attacked by Seh Calaz’s bouncers at the Zim Dancehall Awards, so I had to pen a song reproaching him and his Bandits clan for their violent behaviour,” he said.

Shinso has promised a night filled with fun and action.

“People must come in numbers to support Zvidhakwa as we will be celebrating our friend’s achievement. We have a lot in store for the night and we are promising nothing but the best of performances,” he said.

Show organiser Ronny Bere said they are pleased to host the two musicians at the launch.

“They have performed here before as a team and Yoz is now coming with his new album.

“It is encouraging to see artistes supporting each other in such a way. In some genres, group leaders do not tolerate partners that decide to do solo projects,” he said.

Source : The Herald