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Zimbabwe Youth Council says they want India-based model Roselyn Marere to grace this year’s Harare International Carnival scheduled for May. Director for ZYC Livingstone Dzikira said his organisation wants to bring the beauty queen to inspire other models who are to partake in the finals of the Miss Carnival.

“Roselyn is a hard worker and determined model, we hope she will join us when the carnival kicks off.

A number of upcoming models sit on their laurels waiting for well wishers to bring donations but Roselyn has done so much against the odds and her presence should inspire a lot of young girls.

“As such we hope to collaborate with Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and work towards bringing the model home and inspire a lot of girls,” Dzikira said.

Marere’s star is continuing to rise even though the beauty queen has been going through tough times lately especially with the death of her father.

“She failed to attend the funeral because of financial constraints.

Marere’s manager Forgiveness Nyakuweka confirmed the model had gone through tough times but the challenges had helped her g.

“Roselyn has been going through some rough times lately and to make matters worse, she went through financial challenges so much that even when her father passed on, she could not afford to make it to the funeral.

“Even with such challenges she has been able to excel not only in her studies but also in her modelling career.

“She was even sponsoring herself when she ventured into modelling which shows that through hard work and determination nothing can stop you,” explained Nyakuweka.

Nyakuweka says the story of Marere should be an inspiration to other girls, as it shows resilience and determination. The model who has made strides in the modelling industry, began rather late at the age of 20 but has already bagged accolades such as the 2013 Miss Sizzling in Delhi amongst other smaller achievements.

She has attended a number of fashion shows including a prestigious grooming show, Designer Next India as well other shows with AV Modeling, Aak Ji Delhi, New Indian Models, Voozit amongst others.

Source : The Herald