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Cyclone Idai toll rises above 500 in Mozambique

NNA - Mozambique began three days of national mourning on Wednesday for more than 200 victims of Cyclone Idai, while the death toll in neighboring Zimbabwe rose to more than 100 from one of the most destructive storms to strike southern Africa in decades.

Torrential rains were expected to continue into Thursday and floodwaters were still rising, according to aid groups trying to get food, water and clothing to desperate survivors.

It will be days before Mozambique's inundated plains drain toward the Indian Ocean and even longer before the full scale of the devastation is known.

Mozambique's minister of land and environment says 3,000 people have been rescued, while 15,000 still need to be rescued.

At least 217 have died according to the ministry.--TRT


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Briefing: The response to Cyclone Idai

Nearly a week since Cyclone Idai struck three of the most vulnerable countries in Southern Africa, needs are rising and humanitarians still don’t have a full picture of the extent of the disaster. Aid access is one of the biggest challenges and c...
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Africa: Namibia National Day

Press Statement Michael R. Pompeo Secretary of State Washington, DC March 21, 2019 On behalf of the United States, I congratulate the people and the Government of Namibia as you celebrate 29 years of independence on March 21. The U...
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