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In Unusual Move, US Embassies in Africa Speak up on Floyd

JOHANNESBURG – As Minneapolis burns over the police killing of George Floyd and shock and disappointment in Africa grow, some U.S. embassies on the continent have taken the unusual step of issuing critical statements, saying no one is above the law. The statements came as...
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World Reacts with Anger, Dismay to US Man’s Death

Protests were held in several cities around the world Saturday, in seeming solidarity with demonstrators in the U.S. over the death of an African American man while in police custody earlier this week. The U.S. embassies in several countries drew protesters, angered by the death...
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Voices From Africa: The Challenges of Covering COVID-19

PARIS – After a slow start, the coronavirus pandemic is picking up speed across Africa with more than 37,000 reported cases. Like elsewhere in the world, it has forced drastic behavioral changes and wreaked havoc on economies and jobs. But COVID-19 threatens to be particularly devastating...
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