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Kenya Wins UN Security Council Seat by 2 Votes

NEW YORK – Kenya narrowly won an election for a non-permanent United Nations Security Council seat Thursday, in a vote impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. India, Ireland, Mexico and Norway all won their bids in first-round voting on Wednesday, but neither Kenya nor Djibouti attained...
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Business Reopens Between Southern Cameroon and Nigeria

YAOUNDE – Cameroon’s military says it has restored security on an important trade road between western Cameroon and Nigeria. The military this week said it had killed at least 13 separatist fighters who blocked the Bamenda-Enugu Road for two months and were demanding illegal tolls....
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Covid-19: Zimbabwe raises salaries by 50% as inflation spikes

HARARE: Zimbabwe’s government says it will increase civil servants’ wages in the light of economic challenges worsened by Covid-19. The finance minister said that with immediate effect, salaries and pensions would be increased by 50%. These are paid using the local currency introduced last year....
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