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Fear of COVID-19 Stopping Childhood Vaccinations in Cameroon

YAOUNDE – Cameroon’s medical authorities say over 200,000 children have not received routine vaccinations on schedule since March, when the country had its first case of COVID-19.  Parents are refusing to take their kids to hospitals because they fear they may be infected with the virus, which has...
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Hundreds of Refugees in Uganda Displaced After Food Riot

KAMPALA, UGANDA – The United Nations refugee agency has moved hundreds of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda to a safer location following violence that broke out over accusations of stolen food. The violence was sparked by an incident July 13, in which youth from the...
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Zimbabwe Police Detain Prominent Journalist, Protest Leader

HARARE, ZIMABABWE – Zimbabwe police on Monday swooped in and detained a prominent journalist and an opposition leader ahead of anti-government protests planned for the end of this month, their lawyers said. The journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, has a huge following on Twitter, where he regularly...
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