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Zimbabwe Signs $3.5B Compensation Deal With White Farmers

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s government signed a $3.5 billion agreement Wednesday to compensate white farmers displaced during a sometimes-violent land redistribution program two decades ago. The government hopes the deal will attract foreign investment to improve the battered economy, but the country will have to issue...
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Landlocked Botswana Truck Drivers Face COVID-19 Dilemma

GABORONE, BOTSWANA – Trucker Wisiso Balathi used to look forward to his daily drive from his home country, Botswana, to pick up goods in neighboring South Africa. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, border trips for truckers like him have become a nightmare of being tested and forced...
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From Outside, Ethiopia’s Diaspora Pushes for Change

AMSTERDAM – With more than 2.5 million Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia, the diaspora community is not only large, but influential. When members of the Oromo, Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, took to the streets in 2015, saying they were economically marginalized, the diaspora supported them...
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