Archive for October 12th, 2020

Ghana Working to Save Eroding Coastlines

Ghana has started building seawalls at key points along its shore to stop coastal erosion and protect beaches, communities and historic buildings. But fishermen say the walls make it hard to pull in their nets, while coastal resorts say the walls hurt their businesses. Ben...
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Ghana Businessman Promotes Benefits of Maintaining Forests

A World Bank report shows Ghana loses at least 315,000 hectares of its forest each year. To help change that, a Ghanaian project is promoting sustainable forestry, teaching people the economic benefits of letting trees stand and surrounding vegetation live. Wellington Baiden calls his lush,...
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Ugandan Parliamentary Candidates Say Nomination Fee Too High

KAMPALA – Candidates in Uganda’s upcoming parliamentary elections have until Thursday to pay a nomination fee of a little more than $800 to the Electoral Commission. However, some don’t have the money, forcing political parties to appeal for support on social media. Last week, Robert...
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