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Sungrow remporte les MESIA Solar Awards 2022 en tant que « fournisseur régional de technologies pour les onduleurs » lors du Sommet mondial des énergies futures

ABU DHABI, EAU, 24 janvier 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alors que le Sommet mondial des énergies futures 2022 descend le rideau, Sungrow, le premier fournisseur mondial de solutions d’onduleurs pour les énergies renouvelables, a remporté les MESIA Solar Awards 2022 en tant que « fournisseur régional de technologies pour les onduleurs ». Seule entreprise à être lauréate, ce prix met à l’honneur […]
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Break-Through Ultra-Precision Machining Platform Enables Realization of Next Generation AR/VR/MR, Camera Module, and Electric Vehicle Optical Designs

This highly anticipated 250UPL MP ultra-precision machining platform release from Moore Nanotechnology Systems addresses the growing need for flawless machining of lens-mold tooling for the booming demand in AR/VR/MR, smart-phone cameras, and electric vehicle markets. This solution delivers previously unimaginable sub-nanometer surface finish results with near-perfect form. SWANZEY, N.H., Jan. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — […]
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Guinea, Vanuatu Have UN Vote Restored After Paying Dues

Guinea and Vanuatu had their ability to vote at the United Nations restored on Monday, having been denied the right at the beginning of the month over their failure to pay their dues to the world body, a UN spokeswoman said. “The General Assembly took...
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UNESCO: World Failing to Provide Quality Education for Children

A United Nations report released Monday said the world is failing to insure that by 2030 all children are receiving an “inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities.” The indicators used to determine a participating country’s success included: early childhood education attendance; drop-out...
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At Least 6 Reported Dead in Crush at Africa Cup Soccer Game

At least six people died in a crush outside a stadium hosting a game at Africa’s top soccer tournament in Cameroon on Monday, a local government official said, realizing fears about the capacity of the Central African country to stage the continent’s biggest sports event....
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