HARARE, President Robert Mugabe says 30 Acts of Parliament out of 206 are yet to be aligned to Zimbabwe's new Constitution which was adopted in 2013.

Opening the fifth and last session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe here Tuesday, he urged the legislators to ensure the alignment process was completed before their tenure was over. Zimbabwe holds its general election next year.

The Fifth and Final Session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe comes at a time when some measure of progress has been made in the process of aligning our laws to the Constitution, he said.

Much more though, still has to be done in fulfillment of the aspirations of our people, expressed during the Constitution outreach campaign. As such, it is my fervent hope that for the remaining life of this Parliament, emphasis be on the alignment of the remaining pieces of legislation to the Constitution.

President Mugabe said new laws were also being introduced in the coming session while some were going to be amended.

The new laws include the Disaster Risk Management Bill, Child Justice Bill, Marriages Bill, Land Developers Bill, Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Bill, the Electronic Transactions and Electronic Commerce Bill, Data Protection Bill and Coroner's Office Bill.

Educational issues would be addressed through the Teaching Professionals Council Bill which seeks to promote ethical conduct in the profession while other issues will be addressed through a Bill for the establishment of the Institute of Education Research, Innovation and Development.

Some of proposed laws were already tabled in Parliament and are still under consideration by the National Assembly and these include the Public Entities and Corporate Governance Bill, Insolvency Bill, Judicial Laws Amendment Bill, Estate Administrators Amendment Bill and the Shop Licences Amendment Bill.

The Constitutional Court Bill, Prisons and Correctional Service Bill would also be amended to align them with the Constitution.

President Mugabe urged all parliamentarians, including Cabinet Ministers, who are famed for bunking debates, to take Parliament business seriously. We expect robust and well informed debate from all members, who should always be present, punctual, disciplined, professional and of impeccable Parliamentary conduct, he said.

Much more is even expected from Cabinet Ministers who should lead by example.