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Sri Lanka, Defeating Viet Nam, Chosen in Fourth Ballot for Asian Seat

The General Assembly this afternoon completed the election of 18 members to the 54-member Economic and Social Council, with the election of Sri Lanka from among the Group of Asian States to fill the last remaining vacancy on the Council.

During two rounds of balloting this morning, the Assembly elected Cape Verde, Cuba, Djibouti, El Salvador, Gambia, Iceland, Latvia, Mexico, Mozambique, Republic of Korea, Spain, Turkey and Zambia and re-elected Chile, France, Germany and Japan. During a third round of balloting to fill the remaining Asian seat, no candidate received the necessary two-thirds majority.

All members elected during today’s voting will serve three-year terms beginning on 1 January 1997. They will fill seats being vacated at the end of the current year by five members of the Group of African States (Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, United Republic of Tanzania and Zimbabwe); three members of the Asian States (Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan); one member of the Eastern European States (Bulgaria); four members of the Latin American and Caribbean States (Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Venezuela); and five members of Western European and Other States (France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Portugal).

The vacant seats have been filled according to that geographic distribution.

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