MIDRAND, South Africa -The South African delegation at the Pan African Parliament maintains Roger Nkodo Dang should not have been allowed to dissolve the fourth parliament, stand for re-election, and be re-elected as President without accounting for his 2015 to 2018 term.

A statement released by the delegation says the continent cannot progress if its highest institutions are led by leaders who show total disregard for transparency and accountability.

The House nearly descended into chaos as anti-Nkodo Dang MPs demanded his report before he stepped down.

Nkodo Dang has convincingly returned to the helm of the Pan African Parliament.

He got 133 of the 224 votes cast, surpassing the 50% plus 1 of the votes cast.

Nkodo Dang, a member of parliament from Cameroon, became the First Vice-President representing the Central African region from 2012 to 2015.

He then succeeded Bethel Nnaemeka Amadi of Nigeria to become President from 2015 to 2018.

But both his first term as President and his second victory is clouded with allegations of corruption.

South Africa hosts the parliament in Midrand at an estimated cost of R30 million every year.

But it is one of 50 of the 55 members of states that haven't ratified the Malabo Protocol to give the parliament legislative powers.

Only five countries have ratified the protocol, they are Gambia, Mali, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Sierra Leone and Togo.

These reports of lack of accountability are discouraging member of states from taking the plunge.

EFF Leader Julius Malema has joined the Parliament Finance and Audit Committees.

We hear reports that foreign nationals are employed at exorbitant fees for jobs that can be done by South Africans, surely as the host country there have been some benefits, and we hear the lack of accountability and if it continues we will interdict our own parliament to stop its funding.

And among issues raised eyebrows is the residence of the presidential house.

One of the things I came across is that they need a presidential house and the type of houses South Africa is providing is in good condition and in areas where ministers stay the president has refused.

Nkodo Dang is the first President to seek a second term.

And his victory means the Central Africa Region has taken three of the five terms of the 14-year parliament, another sore point for South Africa.

There is no rule for rotation, but some believe in the African Union, it should be a matter of principle

South African MPs had vowed to prevent the election from proceeding until Nkodo Dang's office presented its Activity Report but they were defeated.

Now the host country has called on other MPs to consider the precedence they are setting and legacy they want to leave

The Parliament Committee of Accounts is expected to present its Activity report on Wednesday 16th.

And it will either confirm these allegations, or clear Roger Nkodo Dang of wrongdoing.