Home » General » Answer – EUR 234 million for “racist” Mugabe once again proves impossible to justify – E-012373/2015

The EU’s gradual re-engagement with Zimbabwe aims at encouraging further political and economic reforms. Issues related to the land reform are part of our policy dialogue, and the EU will continue to apply the policy to only support farmers on non-contested land.

In its dialogue with financial institutions, the Government of Zimbabwe has committed itself to clarify indigenisation, empowerment and land tenure laws, in order to restore investors’ confidence.

Implementation of the EUR 234 Million National Indicative Program under the 11th EDF(1), focused on health, agriculture-based economic development and governance, is gradual and cautious. Our programs follow standard EU procurement procedures, subject to audits. Budget support is not being envisaged.

Implementation is entrusted mostly to international organisations, including the World Bank for the economic reform program, but also UN agencies such as FAO, IOM, UNDP, Unicef or NGOs such as WWF, the Law Society of Zimbabwe, la Croix-Rouge, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, World Vision, Transparency International, International Commission of Jurist Association, Save the Children.

With the roll-over of remaining restrictive measures in February 2015, the EU stressed that there is a need for continued political reform while it continues monitoring closely the situation of human rights, and is prepared to review these measures as appropriate.

(1) European Development Fund.