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The Commission is providing EUR 9.5 million to support vulnerable communities affected by the El Niño-induced drought across Zimbabwe. Through a programme implemented by an NGO(1) consortium led by Save The Children, eight of the hardest hit districts in Zimbabwe, including Chiredzi, were targeted for providing mobile cash transfers of USD 7 per person to a total of 78 000 individuals per month from April 2016 until April 2017. Currently in the Chiredzi districts, 11 500 people are being assisted through this project. These beneficiaries are also benefiting from resilience trainings in the context of this scheme.

Two other Commission-funded actions in Zimbabwe also include the Chiredzi district. EUR 1.6 million was allocated to FAO(2) for the vaccination of livestock and the protection of livelihood assets. A financial envelope of EUR 5 million was provided to WFP(3) for responding to immediate food needs of the most vulnerable drought-affected populations, whilst enhancing resilience and protecting their nutritional status.

Moreover, through the 11th EDF(4)-funded Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (ZRBF), nine of the hardest hit districts in Zimbabwe — including Chiredzi — receive support, targeting the chronically vulnerable areas with high levels of poverty and/or food insecurity. Currently in the Chiredzi District, 31 176 people are being assisted under the ZRBF.

(1) Non-governmental organisation
(2) Food and Agriculture Organisation
(3) World Food Programme
(4) European Development Fund