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Answer – Zimbabwe free of Mugabe after 37 years, but after the celebration comes uncertainty – P-007027/2017

1. The Commission welcomed the decision made by President Mugabe to resign(1). The Commission systematically called for the respect of the constitutional order and the continued adherence to the rule of law and the fundamental rights of all citizens. The Commission also took note of the former President’s declaration recognising that the events of 15 November 2017 did not challenge the constitutional order. President Mnangagwa was sworn in on 24 November 2017 according to the relevant constitutional provisions. The National Authorising Officer and his office continue to operate normally.

2. The latest events have not modified the Commission’s development objectives in Zimbabwe. The priorities of the National Indicative Programme remain relevant to help Zimbabwe tackle its development challenges. The Commission stands ready to accompany the transition process and to support the country in the implementation of urgently needed reforms, notably to stimulate inclusive and sustainable growth and employment in the country.

(1) See in particular the statement made by the High Representative/Vice-President of 21 November 2017: