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The keynote debate at the 31st plenary session of the ACP-EU JPA, entitled “The future of the ACP-EU partnership post Cotonou” will emphasise the possibilities of new reinforced partnership after 2020. An in-depth discussion on how both sides foresee the evolution of this long-term relationship between the ACP countries and the EU in the coming decades is timely, as the agreement expires soon.

The Assembly will vote on Wednesday 15 June on 3 resolutions:

  • the Continental area of free trade in Africa: opportunities to stimulate exchanges on the African continent and potential benefits for ACP countries (debate on Tuesday, co-rapporteurs: Jean-Marie Bulambo (DRC) and Marielle de Sarnez (FR),

  • migration between ACP countries and EU member states: causes, consequences and strategies for common management (debate on Tuesday, co-rapporteurs: Magnus Kofi Amoatey (Ghana) and Norbert Neuser (GR); and

  • improvement of participatory governance through decentralisation and strengthening of local governance (debate on Tuesday, co-rapporteurs: James Kembi-Gitura (Kenya) and Aymeric Chauprade (FR).

Two urgent topics will be debated and concluded by resolutions:

  • Pre-electoral situation and security in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (debate on Tuesday, vote on Wednesday), and

  • Rape and violence against women and children in armed conflicts (debate and vote on Wednesday).

On Tuesday, 14 June, MEPs and their counterparts from national parliaments of the ACP countries will also discuss the impact of the falling price of oil, and other strategic commodities on the economy of ACP countries.

The new face of conflicts and global security threat – impact on world peace and stability will be one of the topics discussed on Wednesday, 15 June.

The formal opening session of the 31st session of the JPA on Monday, June 11 at 11.00 will take place in the presence of Peter Katjavivi Hitjitevi, President of the National Assembly of Namibia. MEPs will also hold debates with Commissioner Neven Mimica (HR) Monday, on June 13, and with representatives of ACP and EU Councils on Wednesday, June 15.