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What Zimbabweans Say About First Post-Mugabe Poll

Zimbabwe holds its first general election without its founding leader Robert Mugabe on the ballot Monday.Mugabe took the oath of office in 1980 as Zimbabwe's first leader after independence. He was to be the country's head for the next 37 years � until...
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Rallies Set Stage for Zimbabwe’s Election

Zimbabwe's two main presidential rivals faced off Saturday, in simultaneous final rallies in the capital that drew tens of thousands of supporters and set the stage for a fierce battle in Monday's pivotal election.President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his m...
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Historic Vote Looms in Zimbabwe

The 55 political parties and 22 presidential candidates in Zimbabwe's upcoming election are all peddling some version of the same thing: Change. Jobs. A better economy. It's more or less a new dawn for a nation that has, for nearly four decades, been r...
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Women in Zimbabwe Presidential Race Face Long Odds

A trade unionist, a liberation war icon, an author and a fashion designer are running for the presidency of Zimbabwe. Regardless of whether any of them is elected, they're already making history as the first female candidates for the country's highest ...
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