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Find Yourself Space That Nurtures Love [column]

Love is a wonderful thing. Falling in love can be a spectacularly life changing development or a poisoned chalice. The falling in love bit seems to be the easiest part. It is the small emotional building blocks that have the ability to sap energy. The...
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The Wilson Katiyo Literary Estate

Wilson Katiyo’s last novel Tsiga was left unfinished and unpublished at the time of his death in 2003. Like his other two novels, A Son of the Soil (1976) and Going to Heaven (1979), Tsiga was written when Katiyo was in exile in Europe. This...
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Charlene Relates Her Miss Deaf Ordeal

In November 2011, Charlene Chidyamakuni made a bold decision to leave her job in Johannesburg where she worked as a clerk. The decision was bold given the constraints she encountered in securing a job in Zimbabwe where deaf people face challenges in securing employment. But...
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Exotic Myna Bird Causes Problems

BirdLife Zimbabwe cautions that the Common (or Indian) Myna has well and truly arrived in Zimbabwe and is set to become a serious alien invader, posing a threat to some indigenous bird species. Sad to say, this is already the case in many parts of...
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Community Radios As Partners for Development

In the past the government of Zimbabwe has displayed a reluctant approach at best or a negative attitude at worst when it comes to dealing with the community radio sub sector in Zimbabwe. Often times they cite concerns regarding national security and issues to do...
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