Covid-19: Several cases confirmed on board German luxury cruise ships


HAMBURG (Germany)— Several cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed on two luxury cruise ships, their German operator confirmed.

“We identified cases of Covid-19 during routine tests on board the Europa and Europa 2. The affected persons are doing well and have no or only mild symptoms,” the Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd Cruises said, without giving concrete figures.

Those who tested positive and anyone they had contact with were immediately isolated from the others on board, the company said.

“The plan is for those who tested positive to disembark in Dubai and go into quarantine there, where they will be cared for by a medical provider,” it added.

By Tuesday afternoon, both ships had arrived in the Arabian Sea off Dubai.

All staff and passengers on board the ships are said to be fully vaccinated. Both crew members and guests are also tested regularly.

The Europa 2, with its 280 passengers and 380 crew members, was originally set to travel from Dubai to Mauritius over Christmas and New Year. The trip is now set to end a few days earlier than planned, on Dec 30 or 31.

The Europa, carrying 240 guests and 280 crew members, is scheduled to sail to Mauritius and the Maldives over the holidays. Following the stopover in Dubai, it will continue its voyage towards the Maldives.


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