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The primary motive of any aspiring business entrepreneur, is the profit motive. Needless to mention that if they anticipate their product or service to generate them adequate revenues to sustain business venture, their product or service must possess the capacity to satisfy human needs or wants.

To this extent the business entrepreneur has to come up with either a completely new innovation or a modified and improved version of a current product or service in order to beat competitors or be competitive enough to grab a portion of their market share from a given market.

It cannot be overemphasized that no amount of deceitful advertising, nefarious marketing gimmicks or counterfeit sales promotional programs can successfully sell a bad product. The truth will soon come out and your clients will sooner than later catch up with your unsavory marketing acrobatics.

Having to create, establish and maintain a sound customer service relationship with your clients is not enough by itself. You have to jealously and affectionately maintain that fragile relationship by mapping out and implementing satisfactory customer retention strategies and techniques to keep customers unquestionably loyal to your brand.

Once again, like the old adage goes, “ The customer is king “ . Hate it or like it, this age-old saying is undeniably the universal truth in any business relationship found in this universe or rather this global village that we find ourselves. Treat your customers dearly and they will equally treat you well with their business or maltreat them at your peril.