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ZIFA president Cuthbert Dube has bragged about his leadership credentials, saying had he not been around there would be no football to talk about in Zimbabwe.

Dube said this at weekend after he survived the chop after councillors failed to put the issue of his removal on the agenda.

A total of 43 councillors from 51 voted for the October extra-ordinary meeting where the issue of revoking the president’s mandate will be the main agenda.

The councillors had misinterpreted item nine of Saturday’s agenda which read, “To suspend or expel members” as enough to kick out Dube, but the Zifa constitution states that axing the president should be spelt specifically for him or his board.

In the constitution, a sitting president is not stated as a Zifa member.

The meeting took place on the same day that the rest of the world was taking part in the Fifa 2018 Woerld Cup draw in Russia.

Zimbabwe are not taking part after being expelled due to an $81 000 debt owed to former Warriors coach Jose Claudinei Georgini (Valinhos).

Dube told the councillors that the $50 000 that had been paid by the Premier Soccer League as affiliation fees was used to settle a debt to a local hotel after he had had his personal household property and five cars attached for auctioning.

“There was a very pressing debt I had to settle. Remember I had forked out $120 000 from my own pocket to pay Pandhari Lodge for the Warriors’ accommodation. I did it for my country. They were after my properties but I am now the sacrificial lamb. I have now learnt my lesson,” he said.

Dube believes he will survive the October 3 axe, but would leave if the councillors decide so.

“I am 99, 23% confident of surviving and I am not considering stepping down because I know I will achieve my legacy. These buildings [Zifa Village] are part of my legacy.

“I will proudly walk and introduce myself as the Zifa president. I will walk taller than I am. Right now I am walking with my head high. If I was not around, there would be no football to talk about in this country,” he said.

“I have no problem with the councillors forcing me out. Why not step down? They elected me and have the right to vote me out,” he said.

Fifa Southern and Eastern Development Officer Ashford Mamelodi who was an observer at the meeting appeared to be backing Dube, claiming that the Zifa boss was flowing well despite sailing in harsh waters.

“I am extremely surprised by Zifa’s ability to survive under such circumstances. They are doing extremely well. They are amazing,” Mamelodi said.

“It is better that Zimbabwe are not taking part in the World Cup qualifiers because they might have failed to full fill the fixtures. It is better to participate in Chan and Afcon where you even know there are good chances of you doing better,” he said.

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