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FORMER MDC spokesperson for Bulawayo, Edwin Ndlovu, who last week announced his retirement from politics, Thursday rejoined the mainstream MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

Ndlovu ditched the Professor Welshman Ncube led MDC formation saying he wanted to invest his time in pursuing his studies as well as do some farming.

But typical of a politician, Ndlovu emerged a week later to tell the world he has rejoined the MDC-T, a decision he said he had arrived at after “deep introspection”.

“I have decided to join MDC-T after being persuaded by the people on the ground to come back to politics,” Ndlovu told journalists at Bulawayo Press Club Thursday evening.

“I was not approached by any leader of any political party. This was decision after deep introspection.”

Ndlovu called on his erstwhile colleagues who remain in the smaller MDC party to defect to MDC-T and rekindle the 1999 spirit when Zimbabwe’s most powerful opposition since independence was born, in Chitungwiza.

He said he has since convinced 30 MDC members to follow him to MDC-T.

“I have already convinced 30 MDC members from my Pumula constituency who were part of my election campaign to join in ‘the bigger tent’ MDC-T,” Ndlovu said.

“Comrades let’s unite in the same spirit we had at the Chitungwiza convention of 1999. As MDCs, we fight among ourselves more than we fight Zanu PF.”

In his latest move, Ndlovu joins former party legislators Siyabonga Malandu Ncube (Insiza) and Edward Mkhosi (Mangwe) who have both ditched Ncube to rejoin Tsvangirai’s MDC-T.

Other former MDC politicians who rejoined MDC-T include former St Marys legislator Job Sikhala and Joubert Mudzumwe.

Tsvangirai has called on his erstwhile comrades who have left his movement to rejoin the MDC-T to better its chances of dislodging Zanu PF from power.

SourceĀ  : New Zimbabwe