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Exeter Respect Festival 2016 is the biggest annual celebration of diversity, equality and human rights in Exeter.

The Festival has created a large cultural diversity community hub, providing a place for people to network, be empowered, connect with each other, and have fun! Stalls, workshops, many organizations with campaigns and services, and a great platform for artists to share their creativity with voices of celebration from every corner, a melting pot of all nationalities and ethnicities coming together to say “no” to all forms of prejudice, discrimination and racism.

The Festival will be on Saturday 11th June and Sunday 12th June 2016 in Belmont Park in the City of Exeter. It is a free event lasting from noon until 7pm on Saturday and 11am until 6pm on Sunday. Exeter Respect Festival 2016 as last year will be an Alcohol Free Festival and provides a safe space in which communities from all different backgrounds can come together to celebrate and share their different cultures.

The festival will feature music, performing arts, cinema, market stalls, campaigners and family and children activities as well as sport and different cuisines.

Exeter Respect Festival 2016 is supported by Exeter City council it is main sponsor.

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Diversity Stage

A full programme of music and performing arts which will host a variety of acts and musicians from different parts of Exeter, Devon and Cornwall. Chartwell Dutiro will be bringing the vibes and colours of Zimbabwe with his unique and lifelong passion for music. Exeter band The Papers originate from London and have a Caribbean influenced sound with a pinch of Barack Obama for good measure! The Morales, Paddy Blight Band, Lewis Charles Esparon originally from Seychelles Islands , brining the beauty of his country through his voice and rhythm, Lewis Esparon has edited and composed the Lyric for Exeter Respect Festival anthem. Read more about the line up at our website: www.exeter-respect.org

The Acoustic Cafe Stage

The Exeter Respect Café with comfy sofas, coffee tables and an intimate atmosphere, hosting the very best of local acoustic talent, from English and French folk, to rock/pop to jazz guitar and saxophone.

The Community Stage

The community stage will again be hosted by Hanna’s Collective presenting a variety of performances by talented community groups, including several large choirs from different cultures, dance groups from flamenco to belly dancing, a theatrical production and live music featuring young disabled adults and children.

The programme will kick off with live music from the Soundwaves Music Project who also will lead the opening procession through Newtown along with drummers from Exeter Malayalee Indian Association.

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The Stephen Lawrence Stage

The Stephen Lawrence Stage acknowledges and commemorates the original motivation behind the Respect Festival movement. On Saturday 11th June it starts with Devon Youth Services hosting and presenting their activities from workshops to young people performing and sharing their music. On Sunday will be hosted by our young ambassador Piper-Grace a young singer studying music at Exeter College, at 11am start with Exeter Guitar young musicians followed by a talented young man Steve Harris, Marina Shibu and many other as the open mic will be open to all young people to showcase and share their experiences.

Widsith & Deor Cabaret Stage

Hosted by Widsith & Deor Storytelling Theatre in and around a Tipi and presenting a lively programme of all the arts – poetry, storytelling, music, theatre, performance, comedy and even Have-a-go Medieval Martial Arts! Including; workshops by Chartwell Dutiro, performance poetry from Louisa Adjoa Parker and Jackie Juno, music from stompin’ Kat Black and Ulrika Igraine, storytelling by Clive Pig the Storyfella and David Heathfield, and spectacle from Substance & Shadow and Wyverntales!

What else you need to know

With a full list of activities , including; a bouncy castle, football, yoga, toy library, Scrapstore and loads more! Market Stalls with fair trade / handmade goods from around the world, many supporting a range of international good causes. Cuisines representing a tapestry of taste to enjoy, often prepared at home with care and love, all local producers from Dine Thai to the Real Sausages From Devon, Pizza Dragon, Indian food and many more; Communities, Campaigns & Displays – helping people discover the hidden issues that people campaign for from gender, young people, homelessness issues, anti-slavery, Keep the NHS campaign, the environment, cruelty against animals and human rights such as Amnesty International and Centre for Human Rights. A Wellbeing Zone in the Sensory Garden with activities related to health and wellbeing, will be on offer including discounted head massages and full massages provided by a local practitioner, and the people will have plenty of opportunities to learn more about wellbeing, healing and spirituality. And also Walkabouts – Belmont Park will be transformed into a colourful arena and will feature a number of strolling performances from India, the Philippine community and the Bulgarian Association, amongst many others.

Exclusively on Sunday at 11am, Exeter Love Yoga Sun Salutation at the Festival , Community Cinema where film makers with a social conscience – will be presenting their short films hosted by Wiseman Production. Family &Children zone by Children Centers managed byExeter Community Initiatives

The Festival always needs volunteers, sponsorship and support-in-kind, and while grateful for support from Exeter City Council, Exeter University, S.W. Trade Union and Devon Contract Waste, always needs and values YOUR involvement!

The 2016 Festival has had a very hard journey financially, but we are determined to make it and live up to our promise, of celebrating our cultural diversity to Celebrate Exeter being at the heart of Devon. We are “All Different All Equal”.

To get involved, visit the website, follow the Twitter and Facebook accounts, volunteer, or sponsor the event but above all come and enjoy the experience of Exeter Respect Festival 2016;