In moments of recovery and resilience: Top 10 photos of 2022

Every year, our team diligently assesses and plans the destinations for our photography assignments. Then, without fail, every year the plan goes out the window when world events intervene—2022 was no exception.

Early in the year, we pivoted and spent five weeks in Somalia and Kenya to capture the stories of communities living through a devastating drought that is driving near-famine conditions in the Horn of Africa. Then war broke out in Ukraine, and we were off to document Mercy Corps’ immediate response in the region. Mercy Corps’ support in these parallel crises did not interrupt our other crucial efforts around the world, including helping refugees in Uganda build sustainable livelihoods, working with villagers in Syria to obtain better access to water, and supporting families struggling in Afghanistan’s crumbling economy. We photographed it all.

As I combed through our photos, I could see how critical our partnerships have been. From a small Ukrainian NGO setting up a day care center for displaced children in Ivano-Frankivsk, to an organization offering a safe educational and workshop space for LGBTQ participants in Cartagena, Colombia, our collaboration with local groups has been key to supporting the communities we work with.

The images below represent some of my favorite photos of the year. The range and saturation of colors tell the stories. The washed-out desiccated browns of a drought-stricken Kenyan landscape. Deep purple beans being tossed in the air in DRC. A bright rainbow mural splashed across a wall in Colombia. Despite the challenges that many communities faced, we also witnessed many people cope, adapt, and work toward a future where we may all thrive.

Source: Mercy Corps