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A movement that started with a video posted on Facebook railing against corruption is now shaking the Zimbabwean political establishment to its core. For the first time since the contested and violent elections of 2008, long-time president Robert Mugabe’s hold on power appears shaken. What remains to be seen is whether the months of protests against government corruption and Mugabe’s regime will continue, and more importantly how it will all end.

The movement, called #ThisFlag both on and offline, started after Pastor Evan Mawarire posted a short video on his Facebook page lamenting the current state of Zimbabwe on the country’s 36th independence day. With the Zimbabwean flag wrapped around his neck, he lamented on the wasted promise of the country, the corruption of the government and called for change.

The video itself was quite simple – less than five minutes long and only involved Mawarire looking into the camera talking. But in a country suffering from a severe drought, facing yet another economic crisis and amidst a nasty fight with the country’s political elite over who will ultimately succeed Mugabe, Mawarire’s impassioned plea soon went viral and launched a protest movement that the government has struggled to stop.