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The story of Zimbabwe’s female rapists that pounce on male hitch hikers has found its way into Hollywood through an American drama television series called Being Mary Jane.

The series centres on the life of successful talk show host, Mary Jane Paul played by Gabriella Union.

At her job, Mary Jane and friend Kara work as journalists and are among the production team.

While Mary Jane wants to do stories that trouble her about the black community, big shots at the network don’t think it is worth it.

After getting great ratings for her story on women raping men in Zimbabwe, Mary Jane gets her golden opportunity.

In the female rapists episode, the talk show host, Mary Jane, discusses at length the men-raping and sperm-harvesting phenomena.

She brings on experts to give their take on the issue while bringing to light that Zimbabwe’s judiciary does not recognise concept. When a woman rapes a man here, it is treated as aggravated indecent assault.

The unusual occurrence has also caught the attention of the international community courtesy of the series.

Mixed reactions have been received over the issue by viewers.

In some instances, viewers make jokes about the assaults with some wishing to be in the shoes of the rape victims.

The rest of the views concur with the show’s producers that rape directed at any human being is no laughing matter.

But it is also worth noting that as of now, none of the cases have ever been proved and no arrests have been made in spite of all the publicity.

Source : The Herald