Born Free has welcomed news that the Malawi government has rejected a proposal to reintroduce trophy hunting inside the country's protected wildlife areas.

A proposal was recently put forward by hunting proponents for the introduction of trophy hunting in one of Malawi's national parks, but following a concerted campaign led by the Born Free-supported Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, the Malawi government confirmed it had been rejected.

Dr Mark Jones, Born Free's Head of Policy, said: Trophy hunting has devastating impacts for the individual animals targeted, their family groups, populations and the wider ecology. All too often, the fees paid by those who participate in these heinous activities never reach local communities or wildlife agencies, but instead line the pockets of trophy outfitters and international agents.

Malawi has made great strides forward in terms of wildlife protection in recent years, and bowing to commercial hunting proponents could have undone much of that good work. Born Free congratulates the Malawian authorities for heeding the calls of wildlife groups and the wider public, and rejecting efforts by hunting proponents to introduce trophy hunting in Malawi's protected wildlife areas, Jones added.

Source: Born Free