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A shurugwi mine security guard on Monday reportedly brutally murdered his three children, dumped their bodies in a disused mineshaft and committed suicide following a dispute with his ex-wife over the children’s custody.

On the fateful day, Joachim Paundi forced Amo (15), Diana (13) and Nyasha (6) to take cyanide before smashing Amo’s head with a stone when she tried to resist.

After killing the trio, Paundi proceeded to his rural home in Mukandapi, Shurugwi, where he took whisky laced with cyanide and died instantly.

His uncle Mr Tinos Big Sando Mungenge-Rungani confirmed the incident.

Mr Mungenge-Rungani had no kind words for Paundi.

He said Paundi killed himself and the three children after being dragged to court by his ex-wife Eunice.

The matter was supposed to be heard yesterday at the Shurugwi Court.

“My nephew, Paundi had a long-standing dispute with his ex-wife Eunice over custody of their three children. The two separated following a series of domestic disputes most of which degenerated into fistfights. At one point he broke his wife’s hand and was arrested. The two later separated.

“On Monday, at around 7am Paundi took his three children to a nearby mountain where he forced them to take cyanide. When the eldest resisted, he tried to crush her head with a huge stone. This is evidenced by the bruises on her head,” he said.

Mr Mungenge-Rungani said after committing the crime, Paundi fled and went to his rural home where he took whisky laced with cyanide.

Paundi went on to call his workmate only identified as Simon and told him how he had killed his children.

“Simon received a call from Paundi and told him what he had done. We then reported the matter to the police and they retrieved the children’s bodies from the shaft,” he said.

The bodies were taken to Shurugwi District Hospital mortuary for post-mortem.

His wife had a breakdown when she learnt of the tragic incident and collapsed.

When The Herald tracked her at Shurugwi District Hospital, the distraught woman failed to relate the incident.

Efforts to get a comment from the police were futile as Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko’s phone went unanswered.

In a related incident, Paundi’s brother Brain Phiri also committed suicide following a heated domestic dispute which resulted in his wife teaming up with her brothers to severely assault him.

The incident occurred on Sunday, a day before Paundi brutally murdered his three children.

Allegations are that Phiri, who stayed in Mambowa high-density suburb in Shurugwi had a heated argument with his wife Leah Mwale which later degenerated into a fistfight.

Eyewitnesses said Mwale left the house and went to her parents’ house where she teamed with her brothers to beat her husband.

“Phiri and Mwale have always been fighting and each time they fought, the latter would team up with her brothers to assault the former. This has been going on until Sunday when Phiri had an argument with his wife.

He took cyanide at his house in Mambowa. He was found dead in his bedroom,” said a relative who preferred anonymity.

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