MATOBO, ZIMBABWE, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe says there is a need to rid his ruling Zanu PF party of the disunity and factionalism emanating from fights to succeed him.

It is alleged that there are two camps angling to succeed President Mugabe, one led by Vice-President Emerson Mnangagwa and another one consisting of the younger generation in Zanu PF dubbed the G40.

Before that, the party was rocked by divisions fomented by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru who was maneuvering to remove President Mugabe from power, but was dismissed, together with her cabal, from the party.

Addressing the party's 21st February Movement celebrations here over the weekend, Mugabe said the general feeling was that after the Mujuru faction was ousted, factionalism would be a thing of the past. Alas, he said, Zanu PF was now at a crossroads again due to unending factional fighting.

President Mugabe, who marked his 93rd birthday on Feb 21, said he had been given a mandate by the party and the people of Zimbabwe to govern and calls for him to retire were improper. He said calls for him to appoint a successor were also unwarranted and were tantamount to breaking the party's constitution.

"Others are saying, 'now that you are retiring, appoint a successor', but that's an imposition, you want me to impose someone? No I do not want to," he added. "Let the people judge who is fit for this post or that post as enshrined in the Zanu PF constitution"

He added: "The party has a programme, the party has a chain, which is based on a party constitution and the party constitution provides how people get elected from one position to the other so why do you try to circumvent the constitution."

Zanu PF is due to hold an elective congress in 2019. Mugabe hinted at a possible extraordinary congress to elect a new leadership and put to rest all shenanigans emanating from calls for leadership change.

He said there was need to breathe true unity into Zanu PF, for it to succeed in implementing programs and policies.

President Mugabe said party positions should never be a source of division, as there were proper procedures that must be followed for one to assume any position in the party. "We want the party intact, when we say let's be united we will be saying lets have unity which binds us."

President Mugabe has in the past bemoaned the high levels of indiscipline and unbridled maneuvering for leadership positions that characterize the ruling Zanu PF party today.