WINDHOEK, While the exit of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe from active politics is being hailed in various circles, many Zimbabweans will be looking at the situation with mixed emotions.

Mugabe resigned as president on Tuesday in a letter read by Speaker Jacob Mudenda in Parliament.

Namibian political analysts and commentators told Nampa shortly after news broke on Mugabe?s resignation that the next few years will be critical for Zimbabwe.

Political analyst Dr Nico Horn is of the opinion that while many may celebrate Mugabe's departure now, it could in fact be a wait-and-see situation for many Zimbabweans.

He said the fact that Mugabe only resigned after the military's intervention, speaks volumes of the political future of the southern African nation.

"His resignation may be a good thing for the country, but one wonders if he would have resigned if it was not for the mounting pressure on him to do so, especially the military intervention," he added, referring to the army' takeover of the government last Wednesday to weed out "criminals" in Government.

Horn noted that it also remains a guessing game on how the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) will respond to the situation. "Both the AU and SADC were considered allies of Mugabe and the fact that he was militarily removed from power may not sit well with them," he said.

Another political ana;yst, Dr Hoze Riruako, likened the situation in Zimbabwe to what had transpired in Libya and Iraq a few years ago after long-serving leaders Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were removed by the gun.

"Many people thought the situation in those countries would turn for the better when these people, who they say were dictators, are gone but that was not the situation; in fact, some feel those countries were better under these former leaders," added Riruako.

He said the major challenge for Zimbabwe would be the restoration of hope for its citizens, which would entail addressing the economic challenges facing the country.

"Zimbabweans now more than ever need someone in leadership who will restore their confidence in their future and make them to be able to look at the future with optimism," he said.

Mugabe's resignation brought to an end a 37-year rule at the helm of the country. He resigned Tuesday evening just moments after the country's Parliament initiated an impeachment hearing against him on a motion brought by members of Parliament from his own party, the ZANU-PF.


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