HARARE-- President Emmerson Mnangagwa has assured investors that his government will not allow bureaucracy and corrupt tendencies to impede investors willing to set up shop in Zimbabwe.

Speaking after witnessing the signing of a 4.2 billion US dollars platinum mining investment deal between the government and a Cypus company, Karo Holdings, here Thursday, he said the platinum deal should have been concluded years ago, but was stalled by bureaucratic hold-ups in the former government led by Robert Mugabe.

I am happy that this day has come, it has taken more than six years to reach this day. Had we embraced their intention to invest in this country in platinum the year they came, and I took them to the (then) president, we should have been in the sixth year of the programme but because of bureaucracy and other unnamed vested interests which are corrupt interests, this could not happen, he said.

You have been complaining that you want to put in money, in fact at one time they raised this money, it was taken away because we could not move, the Zimbabwean side is something else. I cannot describe but now I am saying Zimbabwe is open for business and whoever stands in the way of getting business in this country will fall.

Mnangagwa said government would continue improving the investment climate. On our part wherever Zimbabwe has an obligation we must meet our obligation and if we fail, come to me my door is open and say your ministers are dragging their feet and I make sure I cut the feet, he said.

It is not business as usual anymore.