HARARE– President Emmerson Mnangagwa has launched Zimbabwe’s new Information Communication Technology (ICT) policy which he says will provide strategic direction for sustainable economic growth through systematic and co-ordinated use of ICT.

The policy puts in place institutional and legal frameworks aimed at promoting growth, inclusiveness, innovation and partnerships in the ICT sector and the economy at large, he said when launching the policy here Wednesday.

It is therefore envisaged that all sectors of the economy and society at large will harness the power of ICT for the development of our nation, he said. To this end, the importance of this policy will go a long way towards making the information technology revolution the basis for ultimately transforming Zimbabwe into an e-society.

President Mnangagwa said the modernization of ICT policies helped create a conducive environment for both domestic and foreign investment in the sector and the economy at large.

This policy is therefore a foundation to further reforms that are meant to respond to the fast changing technological environment, evolving trends and needs on the part of consumers. The policy has inbuilt stabilisers to ensure that it remains relevant for the next decade as it is both technology and service neutral, he added.

He said the government would continue promoting the use of ICTs through investments in backbone infrastructure, ICT education, research and development as well as ICT governance. The government would also speed up implementation of the e-governance programme to enhance communication between it and business, citizens and employees.