Reflect on ultimate sacrifice of Christ and conform – Rev Dr Sackitey

Reverend Dr Daniel Sackitey, the Vice Principal of the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Peki, has entreated Christians to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Christ for mankind through his crucifixion, death and resurrection and to conform.

He said the message of Easter, in these challenging times, could serve as a source of comfort and inspiration such that just as Jesus overcame death and rose from the tomb, believers could overcome any trials that life threw at them and emerge stronger and more resilient.

Rev Sackitey, who was delivering a sermon on Easter Sunday on the theme: 'Christ has Risen Indeed,' said Christians must appreciate the significance of Easter and to renew their faith in the power of its hope and newness.

He called on all Christians to partner with Church leaders to carry the gospel to all places, saying, 'no barrier should be a limitation and excuses cannot be countenanced.'

'Let us strive above our collective weaknesses to witness Christ, go and break the news that Christ has indeed risen,' he said.

Rev. Sackitey entreated Christians to set their minds on things of Heaven and depart from negative practices such as murder, involvement in corruptible tendencies, fornication, blatant lies, stealing and armed robbery that defiled their physical bodies.

He said the human body had become more complicated in contemporary times and going contrary to Biblical prescriptions on marriage with significant use of alphabets to differentiate shades of sexual orientation becoming acceptable norms.

Rev. Sackitey condemned LGBTQI+ practices, and said when the Bill in Parliament was passed into law, it would bring clarity to the issues in relation to the position of the State.

He, however, said the inaction of the Church towards assisting activists and reshaping the lives of practitioner of these negative practices both at the home and community level was worrying.

He acknowledged the role of women and commended those who had devoted themselves to the work of God and to societal development.

Tracing it to the biblical era, he cited Mary Magdalene, who played a leading role in breaking the news of Christ's resurrection, while others had also been acknowledged for dedicating their material, spiritual and physical resources to promote the growth of the Church, God's work and societal development.

Source: Ghana News Agency