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There is rising concern that refugees from Dzaleka camp are embarking on journeys to other countries without proper documentation, a development that has sparked new debate about them in Malawi.

Dzaleka Camp Site Manager Owen Mzondi Nyasulu said this to Zodiak Online after six refugees from Congo were intercepted at Mwanza boarder as they tried to enter Mozambique without papers.

“It is true that about six refugees from Congo have been arrested in Mwanza on their way to South Africa using unchartered routes and without documents.

“People are not supposed to escape from this place but what we tell refugees and what the international intervention on refugee’s states is they are free to go anywhere they want to go. They just have to inform us so we arrange their transport mechanism and documentation,” added Nyasulu.

According to police, the six intercepted Congolese nationals may have been travelling to Zimbabwe without any supporting documents on them. Dzaleka refugee camp located in Dowa district in central Malawi continues to register refugees from war-torn regions and countries sending fears travelers without proper documentation could shoot.

“Every month the camp receives about four hundred new arrivals mostly from African countries like Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“What happens is that about two hundred are ferried through the normal chattered transport while others come through unchartered routes but both categories are welcome here,” said Nyasulu.

According to Nyasulu, some refugees are said to be using the camp at Dzaleka as a mere transit camp for rest as they travel to neighboring countries in search of greener pastures.