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Former University of Zimbabwe South African students have hailed President Mugabe and Zimbabweans for being peace-loving and God-fearing people.

Mr Philly Nchabeleng and Miss Kutollo Mphahlele, who had been studying for an Agriculture Engineering degree and will be graduating in September, said they had a great experience in Zimbabwe and found the truth about the country.

Miss Mphahlele said it was disturbing that the image of Zimbabwe was tarnished by the media when the situation on the ground was different.

“We came to Zimbabwe in 2011. We had heard a lot of negative stories about Zimbabwe. But we found out the truth. I can walk at night and be safe as the people are peaceful and respect life.

“There have never been xenophobic attacks on foreigners in Zimbabwe. We remained safe even during the days when our nationals were attacking foreigners in South Africa.

“The education in Zimbabwe is good and given a chance to work here, I will grab the opportunity.

“Normally people in Zimbabwe go to study in South Africa, but we have come here and found the education so good,” she said.

She said since she came, she found the food she wanted in shops and was living the same lifestyle she had back home.

“I wish I could meet President Robert Mugabe. He is a courageous man who has empowered his people through the land reform (programme),” she said.

Mr Nchabeleng said although he could not compare Zimbabwe to South Africa, he applauded land reform or giving back the land to its rightful owners.

“I believe that when imparted with knowledge like we have done, Zimbabweans can use their land profitably. I wish the South African government could also embark on a land reform programme and empower citizens economically.

“Agriculture is vital in the economy of any country. Africans should stand up and have a say on their destiny. Land reform is one best way of giving power to the people,” he said.

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