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Suntech Awarded “Top Brand PV” Seal in Europe from EuPD Research

WUXI, China, Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, EuPD Research announced that Suntech has been awarded the “Top Brand PV” honor in Europe.

Since the expiry of the “MIP” in the EU, the competition of the PV industry in Europe has increased. Suntech was awarded the “Top Brand PV,”  which is not only the recognition of top market performance in 2018, but also the brand satisfaction and loyalty in Europe.

EuPD Research plays an important role in the PV industry, and the company is known for providing authoritative market intelligence for the new-energy industry. Therefore, many new-energy enterprises regard its analysis as a weather vane for business development. The winner of the “Top Brand PV” honor is chosen through two steps: firstly, a multilevel process of surveys and scientific analysis among mainstream installers and intermediaries for PV power stations is conducted; and secondly, manufacturers with outstanding performance in multiple dimensions, including brand satisfaction, brand loyalty, product quality and distribution, are chosen.

In recent years, Suntech was awarded “Top Brand PV” seals in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. At the beginning of 2019, Suntech was awarded the “Top Brand PV” seals again in Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France and Australia. All of the survey respondents are installers and distributors from mature markets, a testament to Suntech’s reliable product quality and strong market reputation.

In 2018, Suntech had good performance in global markets including India, Australia, and Mexico. In Eastern Europe and Western Asia, implementing the “Global & Local” market-development strategy, Suntech also worked closely with local partners and gradually established local distribution systems and achieved good performance. Compared to 2017, Suntech’s overseas shipments in 2018 grew by 100%. Based on the good performance in overseas markets in 2018, Suntech will further optimize overseas distribution and expand its overseas markets in 2019.

The “Top Brand PV” honor means a lot to Suntech. It not only affirms Suntech’s continuous efforts in overseas markets over 18 years, but also sets a foundation for Suntech’s future development in overseas markets.