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Hey good people what’s the word.

Phew the heat is catching up.

This past week the story of the missing Malaysian plane has taken the social media by storm and many teens have been posting a lot about it.

A word here to say this story is about a real plane and real people. Spare a thought to the family of those missing and shut down on the tasteless jokes.

Onto the fashion buzz world, I hear the Bulldogs hosted the culture night yesterday and techno-world has introduced the android wristwatch.

Geez on my tramp don’t be left out.

Yes last week we said less is more and many asked why . . . the answer is don’t overdose, but be swag on point.

“Be content with the little of what you have,” posted Tanya in our inbox.

However, some teens also asked us to include prices and places where some of the urban buzz reloaded (UBR) items are found. Well we are here to serve and promise to do that depending on the issue.

Here is our Nay and Yeah of the week.

Totem Pride

How many of us know about our totem? Where we came from determines where we are going. We all have totems and we should take pride in them. The most trending label in town right now is Totem Pride where you get personalised fashion all boldly proclaiming your totem. They have t-shirts, bags and jackets. The best inscribed tee design is written in bling gold style. Why not rock in such pride. Prices range from US$15.

Android Wear: Meet Google’s Smartwatch OS Platform

We are always ahead and here is the good news: Just like they did with smartphones, Google won’t be getting into the smart watch market by building their own wrist-gadget.

Instead, they’re choosing to focus on the software the wearables will run on with the freshly-announced Android Wear.

A modified version of Google’s mobile OS, it extends the power of Android into the growing world of smartwatches and wearables. As with regular Android, it’s designed to run on hardware from different manufacturers, lowering the barrier to entry for any company looking to get into the wearable tech business.

From the looks of it, Android Wear is designed to work on standard LCDs rather than e-paper (hello, paltry battery life), with a control mechanism focused on touch-screen gestures and voice commands. Like other smartwatches, the main function will revolve around notifications, allowing users to receive alerts and updates from the numerous apps and services running on your phone.

Back to Toyland

Our movie of the week goes to “The Lego Movie”, an animated film based on the colourful plastic children’s blocks. Well it snapped up US$69,1 million in ticket sales to top weekend box office charts.

“The Lego Movie” features toy mini-figures of Batman, a pirate and others in a Lego universe faced with destruction on Taco Tuesday.

An official at the movie theatres said: “We had a movie playing for five to 85. Five-year-olds are enjoying it, their siblings are enjoying it, and their parents and grandparents are all enjoying it.”


Get to check out some of the buzzing words in the streets and social media.

Source : The Herald

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