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A MARANGE woman committed suicide last Wednesday after she was reprimanded by her husband during a church service.

Mary Siyahamba, 34, who was a member of the Revival Apostolic Church, was reprimanded by her husband, Talkmore Jastarira, 38, on the church premises for standing in the middle of men in breach of the church’s rules.

The church enforces strict rules that bar women from associating with men during church services.

Manicaland police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luxon Chananda, said this did not go down well with Siyahamba who left the church premises in a huff in the company of her two children.

“Siyahamba did not take the matter lightly as she felt she had been dressed down. She left the church premises after she was reprimanded for standing in the middle of men as this contravenes some church rules,” said Chananda.

When she arrived home, the irate Siyahamba drank some disinfectant while her children were playing outside.

Her body was found lying on the floor by her husband with a disinfectant bottle by her side at around 1600hrs.

“As police we urge members of the public to seek counselling rather than to take rushed decisions. People should learn to solve their disputes amicably,” said Chananda.

Source : New Zimbabwe

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