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POLITICS and petty jealousies among Zimbabwe’s top, young musicians currently being used by the Population Services International (PSI) to lure male youths to get circumcised, is reportedly threatening the free flow of the initiative, it has emerged.

As of December last year, the country had circumcised up to 90,000 males, falling short of its 115,000 target.

Government has set a goal to have 217,800 men circumcised by the end of 2014 and aims to reach 1,2 million by 2015.

To reach the set targets, PSI has hired musician celebrities such as Wallace Chirumiko, known in music circles as Winky D, Mukudzeyi Mukombe, better known as Jah Prayzah and Sulumani Chimbetu to be ambassadors of the initiative.

Before involving Jah Prayzah and Chimbetu in its campaign, Winky D was the only musician who was being used in the exercise.

It was after the inclusion of Jah Prayzah in the PSI male circumcision celebrity campaign that Winky D suddenly became too “committed” for the exercise, beginning to turn down several invitations.

Jah Prayzah is arguably the man of the moment on the music entertainment scene.

A Zim-dancehall musician who declined to be named told NewZimbabwe.com that there was “war” between Winky D and Jah Prayzah over popularity and support from fans.

“The problem is that Winky has been overtaken by Jah Prayzah,” said the musician, “His support base is shrinking because of his music which only appeals to the young. In fact the Ninja president does not want to grow musically and is reluctant to work with fellow upcoming musicians especially those who are progressing beyond what he is doing.”

One particular event that the classy musician failed to attend was that of last week in Bulawayo where Albert Nyathi, his son, and sungura artist Peter Moyo were circumcised.

Winky D was invited together with Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah but he turned the invitation down citing “studio work” commitment.

Jah Prayzah denied there was any bad blood between him and Winky D.

“I have brilliant working relations with Winky,” he said, “He has backed some of my shows and we have never clashed. We have also held joint shows in the UK and other countries.”

Asked as to why the two have never had any collaboration in any of their songs as was fashionable among local artists, he responded, “Maybe it is because of the different genres we are into. It is my hope that in future we are going to collaborate.”

Jah Prayzah, Chimbetu and many other young musicians have had some joint projects.

A PSI official who cannot be named for reasons related to his profession admitted they were now having problems luring Winky D to their campaigns.

The official said Winky’s managers were giving them a torrid time in getting in touch with the musician.

“When we call him, we are answered by his manager who is too bureaucratic. This is not helping us in our campaign and we are very much disappointed with these developments,” he said.

But PSI director of social marketing, Kumbirai Chatora played down reports of any souring relations between her organisation and the Harare dancehall king.

“He communicated with us informing us that he was in the studio, recording. Otherwise he would have been with us here today,” she said.

Source : New Zimbabwe