HARARE, The Professional Women Executives and Business Women's Forum (Proweb) of Zimbabwe has castigated gender profiling saying it rejects the difference in treatment between men and women.

The comments by Proweb come in the wake of the on-going debate and criticism directed at Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba for her alleged involvement in a relationship with a Cabinet Minister.

While the said Minister has not been named, social media has been alight with debate on whether it is professional for the ZEC chairpersonto continue in her role given the alleged conflict of interest. Others have called on her to step down arguing she was compromised to deliver free and fair polls in the July 30 general election.

On Monday night, Justice Chigumba was forced to respond to the matter in a live radio interview, categorically stating that she was not involved in a sexual relationship which jeopardized her professionalism.

My private life is my private life and it should remain exactly that, private. I am not in any sexual relationship or any relationship whatsoever which has the potential or is likely to jeopardize my ability to discharge my function, she said. I am not in a sexual relationship with a presidential candidate.

Proweb said Wednesday: We disagree and object to any and all forms of gender profiling of professional women. Let it be clear that Proweb does not condone immorality and unethical conduct but we do recognize that men and women were created with certain desires.

In the event that an incident involves a man, we find that the implications and consequences are not as far reaching as they are forour female counterparts and we reject this difference in treatment.

It said the success of women in various spheres of life should not be attributed to sexual impropriety. Why can women not excel in the same manner as men? Women are hardworking, intelligent and just as capable as men, Proweb said.