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On 15 September 2015 the EU’s Scientific Review group (SRG) made a decision to continue to allow the import of lion hunting trophies from Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Commissioner Vella’s answer to my Written Question E-011937/2015 of 28 July 2015 states that the SRG concluded, on the basis of the scientific information available, that imports of lion trophies from Zimbabwe are sustainable and that imports from Zambia and Mozambique can continue but will need greater scrutiny.

This comes just a month after a report by the UN Environment Programme showing that trophy hunting has contributed significantly to a decline in lion numbers in Zambia and Mozambique.

This also follows this summer’s illegal shooting by an American tourist of a lion (known locally as Cecil) that appears to have been enticed out of Hwange national park in Zimbabwe in order to satisfy the demand for hunting trophies.

Will the Commission present the relevant scientific information on which the SRG based its decision that the import of lion hunting trophies is sustainable?

Was the Commission aware that the SRG invited members of the Tanzanian government to deliver a presentation supporting ‘sustainable’ trophy hunting without the opportunity for others to present opposing opinions? Does the Commission think this is an acceptable procedure on the part of the SRG?

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