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On 28 February 2017, the head of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), Julius Malema, called on the South African Parliament to expropriate land — the vast majority of which is owned by the white population — without compensation, which is forbidden under Article 25 of the constitution.

The current climate is conducive to the anti-white agenda of an increasingly popular political party in the country gaining momentum, the implementation of which could lead to serious ethnic problems. The white community makes up 9% of South Africa’s population, making it a minority and thus vulnerable.

The expropriation of white farmers would risk leading South Africa towards the same economic catastrophe that affected Zimbabwe in the 1990s and the impact of which is still being felt. Under pressure from the EFF, the South African President himself has supported this project, which is developing into ethnic cleansing, by calling on his parliament to change the constitution in relation to the expropriation of land.

Given the risk of escalation, will the Commission give its support to this group of European origin which is under threat?